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Southern Maine Fishing Guide
Charlie McGee

You know you are in good hands when your private fishing guide is a registered nurse in the state of Maine. From potential water hazards to the unexpected fish-hook snag, Charlie has seen a lot. Due to his demanding career as a registered nurse, Charlie keeps a cool calm head under pressure. To get away from all of the stress, he does what you’re looking to do. He goes fishing. With a love of the outdoors and for his fellow man, Charlie is the perfect private fishing tour guide for you, your fishing buddies, or your family and friends. 

A note from Charlie:

I grew up at my Granpa’s house. My second home was the ponds, rivers and the lakes of Lakes Region. In my younger days. I would dig for worms in my grandpa’s sheep pen and then we would catch huge fish. We caught Large Mouth and Small Mouth Bass, White/Yellow Perch, Eels and Hornpout all day and night long. Grandpa also took me trolling for every kind of Trout and land-locked Salmon. My Dad taught me to fish the muddy water of Tennessee and a love of Hunting. I learned so much and keep these precious moments with me today.

My family has been and is very involved in the medical field. My Mom is a doctor, my Dad was a CNA, my Uncle is a surgeon, and two Grandmothers are nurses. The medical field continues with me as a Maine State Registered Nurse of 8 years and counting.

The passion for the outdoors that was instilled in me from my family now includes the great state of Maine.

I would like to share Maine’s great outdoors with your family and friends.

Charlie McGee   Charlie McGee   | RN, Maine Registered Guide

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If you are planning a trip to Southern Maine to enjoy some outdoor adventures, you want that time to be special. Book a fishing expedition with Charles today, to ensure your next fishing experience is one to remember.