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Are you looking to book a private fishing or hunting your during your stay in Maine? I try to make the process as easy as possible while ensuring you get the adventure you’re looking for and not something you’re not. Let me know your ideal trip below, and I’ll be happy to get in touch with you to help make that happen.

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   Gorham, Maine

Looking for some
Vacationing hot-spots
or hidden Maine gems?

I'd be more than happy to spend all day, every day of your vacation out on my boat, taking you to the best places and watching you catch the biggest fish. But I know not everyone loves fishing and hunting as much as you and I. So I got your family and friends covered with some of the best places to visit, eat, and rest when you're on a vacation in Maine.
-Charles McGee
Popular Maine Fishing Locations:
  • Sebago Lake
  • Long Lake
  • Thompson Lake (The Heath)
  • Little Sebago Lake
  • Moose Pond
  • Panther Pond
  • Highland Lake
  • Pleasant Lake
  • Peabody Pond
  • Bay of Naples Lake (Brandy Pond)
  • Crescent Lake (Rattlesnake Pond)
  • Highland Lake
  • Thomas Pond
  • Woods Pond
  • Crystal Lake (Anonymous Pond)
  • Watchic Pond
  • Raymond Pond
  • Sabbathday Lake
  • Trickey Pond
  • Forest Lake (Goose Pond)
  • Bonny Eagle (Bonney Eagle) Lake
  • Moose Pond
  • Dundee Pond
  • Crystal Lake (Dry Pond)
  • Saturday Pond
  • Great Pond
  • Parker Pond
  • Southeast Pond
  • Rich Millpond
  • Ingalls (Foster’s) Pond
  • Island Pond
  • Browns Pond
  • North Gorham Pond
  • Otter Pond
  • Notched Pond
  • Beaver Pond
  • Little Watchic Pond
  • Sand Pond
  • Mariner (Mud City) Pond
  • Ingalls Pond (South)
  • Pettingill Pond
  • Collins Pond
  • Adams Pond
  • Holt Pond
  • Cold Rain Pond
  • Halfmoon Pond
  • Little Duck Pond
  • Tarkill Pond
  • Massacre Pond
  • Little (Bill Rich) Pond
  • Quaker Brook Dwtr
  • Perley Pond
  • Lily Pond
  • Florida Lake
  • Coon Swamp Pond
  • Owl Pond
  • Nubble Pond
  • Marston Pond
  • Hog Meadow Pond
  • Mill Pond
  • Clark Pond
  • Adams Pond
  • Chaffin Pond
  • Sanborn Pond
  • Otter Pond #2
  • Impoundment Pond
  • Duck Pond