Places to visit
when vacationing
in Maine

With so many big lakes, 3,478 miles of coastline (more than California), and a collection of unique islands inside the lakes as well as off the coast, there is a lot to see and do in the state of Maine.

Charlie's Top 5's

See what the locals recommend for food, fun, and a little R&R in Southern Maine.

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Charlie McGee's
Recommended Top 5's

We understand that not everyone wants to spend every moment of their time in Maine on an outdoor adventure. We also understand that some do, but their spouse or other family members do not. That’s why vacationing in Maine is a great place for the outdoor enthusiast, as it offers all of those great outdoor adventures along with many of the common vacation style outings found elsewhere. But nowhere else can you hunt a bear, catch a bass, sight dozens of bird types, and also hit up a casino, shop at major brand outlets, and splash down a log flume and water-slide park. It’s all right here in Southern Maine. Here’s Charlie’s list of 5 things to do while vacationing in Southern Maine and not on his boat.

Are you looking for things to do during your vacation in Maine? We have some great recommendations from locals, reinforced by positive feedback from our clients. Here are five things to do while vacationing in Maine. Or should we say, two through six? Because the firs thing you should look to do is go on a private outdoor adventure with us! 

Well of course you need to have some lobster while you’re in Maine. But what else is there to eat in Maine? We know the best spots. These are places where you can expect great food served by friendly locals. Some are a true New England dining experience, and others are tried and true venues sure to please the palate.

Are you looking for a great camping experience here in Maine? We know some places. Are you looking for an upscale hotel in the heart of the city of Portland, Maine? We know the best one. There’s something for everyone when it comes to lodging accomodations in Maine, but we know the places with the best rates, friendliest staff, and near-by scenery to make your vacation in Maine the adventure you’re looking for.

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